Zaida del Rio 

Artist Bio

Painter, drawer, illustrator, engraver, ceramic decorator, mural painter and poet. Born in Guadalupe, Las Villas, Cuba, on June 3, 1954. She studied at National School of Art (ENA), Havana City, Cuba (1971-1974), Superior Institute of Art (ISA), Havana City (1982-1987) and Fine Arts School in Paris, France (1988-1989).

Member of Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC) and International Association of Plastic Artists (AIAP).

She has made more than 30 solo and group exhibitions in Brazil, Cuba, Spain, United States, France, Italy, Japan, Martinica and Mexico. His works have been present in all editions of Havana Biennial, Engrave Biennial in San Juan, Puerto Rico; Cuenca, Ecuador; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Cairo, Egypt and the Biennial of the Caribbean in Santo Domingo.

Illustrations holding a singular expression decorate diverse books, magazines and compact discs; she also publishes her book ''Herencia Clásica'', making versions and different interpretations to popular religious prays.

Her paintings are exhibited at state and private collections in Cuba and abroad, also at the National Fine Arts Museum, decorating prestigious places, such as hotels, galleries and theatrical actions.
A proof of this is the first decoration made in 1994 by Zaida del Río to the illustration of El Colonial Restaurant`s menu from Inglaterra Hotel, from this moment on, new pictorial contributions came from outstanding painters, drawers and engravers every summer, winter, spring and autumn, who also decorated the place with their art works.

Regarding to theater, it was precisely in the debut of the worldwide famous Terriblemente Inocente, where some choreographic and plastic values plus the scenic presence of the artist appeared and everything was collected on Libro de Honor del Gran Teatro de la Habana, in its edition of 1995.
Other forays in this sphere as the design for the debut of Ballet Umbral de Alicia Alonso, Havana, Cuba, July 2000 and designs for a theater piece presented in OHIO, United States, 2002.

Among the most remarkable prizes acknowledging her work are: Gold Medal. First Prize of Painting. Biennial of El Cairo, Egypt (1993), Alejo Carpentier Medal (1994) and Third Prize of Painting. Biennial of TENRI, Japan (1998).

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