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Sheyla’s work encompasses three central themes akin to surrealism: life after death as the primary motif, an exploration of the soul, and the chaos theory. They serve the artist to explore the way in which individuals channel their negative emotions, like peeking into the “black box” of their mind. Offering insight into how individuals perceive their existence, confront pain, and construct their identities in the face of adversity through her work, the artist extensively studies human behavior and the facial expressions that emanate from various emotions. Through her depictions, Sheyla engages in an ongoing exploration of her own being, delving into the complexities of the psyche. This examination encompasses the darker aspects of the human experience, the multifaceted nature of a woman’s character, her subtle gestures, and moments when her attitude becomes pronounced.

**Sheyla is represented by ChangoLife Arts Gallery in Beacon, New York.

Available Works

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