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Help Ukrainian Journalists and Scholars

Please join Cuban Fine Arts in a fundraiser for Keep Ukrainian Scholars and Journalists Safe. Our peers at the European Academy of Sciences of Ukraine - scholars, journalists, and translators - are spearheading the effort to provide immediate assistance to people who are in desperate need. Your donation goes towards urgent supplies such as tourniquets, hard body armor, plate carriers, first aid kits, trauma bandages, and medical supplies. With the onset of winter imminent and considering the disruption of energy infrastructure, Ukraine is preparing for the cold and black outs. 

Art for Ukraine

Each print (all by Ukranian artists) is $280 inclusive of printing and US shipping. A minimum of $200 goes directly to Keep Ukrainian Scholars and Journalists Safe. This goes to fund necessary essentials including electric generators, solar batteries, charging stations, power banks, thermal blankets and sleeping bags, flashlights, tactical medical backpacks (35L, 55L) medkits, flashlights, and medical supplies, splinters, potbelly stoves, heaters, plate carriers and hardbody armor mostly LIII (not many of LIV), open fire cookware sets, holsters, tactical winter clothes, fleece winter jackets, pants, tactical shoes, boots, earmuffs to protect hearing, night vision binoculars and distance measuring instruments, and protective glasses.

Available Prints

"On February 24, I woke up from explosions; the glass in the windows and doors trembled, and the city was covered in black smoke. The messenger was full of messages from friends from all over Ukraine: "It is war! War! we're being bombed..." This situation repeats every day for more than eight months: people are dying, our cities are being destroyed...

In this war, everyone has his own weapon, and the artist has his art. When I go down to the bomb shelter during air raids and sometimes spend hours there, I take my tablet with me and draw what I see and feel, what people in Ukraine are going through. I wanted to convey the pain, anxiety, and courage that Ukrainian people are experiencing. Everyone has their own language and their own weapon. Art is the language through which I can speak to the world and show the suffering of my country. When you are sitting in a bomb shelter, and the walls and the ground are shaking from explosions, you want to somehow respond to this horror. The paintings "Art against war" are weapons, tears, courage, and unity of the Ukrainian people against the terror of Russia. With this art, thanks to Ed Steingberg, I want to raise money so we can buy more of the supplies that we really need. European Academy in Ukraine is doing very hard work, every friend of mine is working selflessly night and day. Thank you for your support."

 - LiberU, Ukrainian artist


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