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Nana del Riego


Nana del Riego graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts "San Alejandro” in 2014 and from the University of Fine Arts "I.S.A" with the distinction of "Best Research for a Creative Work" in 2019. She is also the winner of the Art Residency “Mi casa es tu casa” in Aveiro, Portugal. Though she has a degree in painting, her work is composed primarily of digital photography as a way to capture the immediacy and “reality” of the world today. Influenced by Cindy Sherman, Annie Leibovitz, and David LaChapelle, del Riego draws inspiration from advertisements, magazines, tabloids, and social media. Largely through self-portraits, she delves into the use and abuse of the female image and the body as an object of exploration; specifically, the female body as a metaphor for modernity. Throughout her work, she also explores the concepts of “pose and pause.” This consists of the freezing of a simulated, performative scene. In this sense, she uses the image to deconstruct and reconstruct identities that become the protagonists of these pressing scenes to reflect the theatricalization of everyday life. The artist lives and works in Havana, Cuba.

Available Works

Iconclassic Series

"We (Chango) both work with concepts of mass consumption, cultural and aesthetic appropriation. The use of iconic characters also plays a major role in our creations and we both share a predilection for a “pop” and contemporary aesthetic. I would say that our works come to clash in the sense that he is a very urban, expressive artist, and I would describe myself as being more digitally inclined creator, who has more pressing obsessions towards our world nowadays being portrayed through a women’s perspective and body as a mean of expression. Iconoclassic is the mix between the words Iconoclasm, Classic and Icon. They give a lot of information about this show on their own, but combined they become the perfect description about us. The action of him painting on top of my artwork, is a ludic way of creating a contemporary iconoclastic action, and the words Icon and Classic unite in the sense that it was our intention to use and incorporate various iconic personalities such as Queen Elizabeth, Virgin Mary or Marilyn Monroe for me, and traditional Mexican cartoon characters, brand logos, famous bands or typical catch phrases in the form of graffiti for him."

- Nana del Riego

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