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John Grande


John Grande is a New York City based artist. His work features American Dreams, fantasies, obsessions and cultural practices depicted in layered and dynamic paintings, some even becoming spatial explorations on the wall. Each line of work, each piece is unique, constructing and deconstructing popular and contemporary culture derived from today’s multi-media world, as well as transforming and uniquely weaving high-end symbols and icons immersed in today’s lifestyle using industrial mediums in the process.


John Grande was born in 1969 in Huntington, Long Island. He attended the School Of Visual Arts and earned his BFA degree in 1995. After graduating, Grande moved to NYC and worked as a professional C Printer Tech at a photo lab in Tribeca. His artwork has been shown and collected worldwide, from India to Switzerland and Italy to Mexico and South Korea, and all over the United States.

Available Works

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