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SEPTEMBER 25th - 28th, 2023

‘Women at Work’ is a group exhibition featuring pieces by seven international artists. This exhibit beautifully weaves together diverse cultural influences and life experiences that have profoundly shaped these artists’ visions.



Monday, September 25th @ 6-10 pm

drinks + music by DJ SedanoSaurio

September 25th to 28th
Open Daily from 12 - 7PM
9 W 8th St, New York, NY 10011


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Alejandra Glez

Cuban artist Alejandra Glez seamlessly merges the female form with the inexhaustible essence of the sea, conveying a powerful message of breaking stereotypes and honoring the resolute power of the ocean. 

Rock Woman, 2023

Jenny Okun

In the United States, Jenny Okun captures fleeting moments of joy on the human canvas, celebrating the shared experiences of ecstasy. 

Purple Flower Nude, 2004

Nana del Riego

Nana del Riego, also from Cuba, delves into self-portraiture and the female figure, providing a poignant commentary on modern existence, echoing the sentiments of Vargas Llosa’s "civilization of the spectacle." 

Inner Landscape II, 2023

Aneli Pupo

Cuban artist Aneli Pupo adeptly navigates the interplay of black, white, and grey, delving into cultural symbols and their intricate connections to female empowerment. 

Aneli Pupo - Las artistas penden de su obra.jpg

Las artistas penden de su obra, 2017

Alehk Rod

Spanish artist Alehk Rod invites viewers into the inner sanctum of the imagination, painting emotions that elude both the eye and the camera lens. Each brushstroke reveals layers of elusive yet palpable feelings, paying tribute to the memory of past experiences and the anticipation of what lies ahead. 

Horizonte de Sucesos II, 2023

Katerina Skasi

Greek artist Katerina Skasi employs celestial symbolism to present the female figure as a cosmic and immutable force. 

Star Demon, 2023


Sheyla, a rising voice from Cuba, invites viewers to traverse the intricate corridors of the human psyche, unraveling the enigmatic complexities of a woman’s inner world. Her work sheds light on the dreamlike qualities that define feminine existence. Sheyla is currently represented by ChangoLife Arts gallery in Beacon, NY. 

I can buy myself flowers, 2023

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