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Salvador Dalí - Selwyn Lissack

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In 1971, holographic artist Selwyn Lissack called Salvador Dalí to see if he was interested in making holograms together. Dalí immediately said yes. “I’ve been waiting for you to call,” said Dalí, who had never heard of Lissack. But he had heard of holograms. And when Lissack mentioned that magic word, Dalí had something new: a way to express his work in three dimensions. Dalí saw holography as a new means of attaining eternal life; not in the physical sense but in the cosmic paradigm by which holography operates: everything contains the whole. "It was far more than the process that intrigued him, says Lissack. “It was the opportunity to finally have a true three-dimensional canvas to work with. He was no longer limited to only a two- dimensional surface.” This was Dalí’s chance to go where no other artist had gone. He called it “the Dalí Dimension."

Available Works

Each of the Dalí paintings offered here are contained in their own glass plates. They cannot be changed nor tampered with.
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