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Dubbed a "Renaissance" artist by Forbes, Brooklyn-based artist Cavier represents a new generation of multi-media artists. Though his work is often compared to the likes of Picasso and Jean-Michel Basquiat, Cavier's unique style (often evoking multiple mediums ranging from oil and gold leaf to spray paint and paper collage) is inimitably his own. His work ties contemporary pop culture into themes of race and identity, creating a distinct and compelling world.


Cavier redefines the meaning of “multi-media artist” with an expansive skillset in a broad spectrum of mediums which include oil paintings, music, art installations, photography, and graphic design. Both his photographs and paintings are constructed with high contrast, bold lines, and vibrant color schemes. His pieces have been featured in the Mayson Gallery as well as celebrity art shows curated by the Fancy Art Collective. In addition, he collaborated with Saks Fifth Avenue placing art installations throughout the department store and in its window displays. He is currently working on several projects that encompass ad campaigns, art shows, store displays, agency websites, and commercials. Most recently, Cavier's work hung in a group show at the World Trade Center curated by the NYC Culture Club. He is also fresh off a summer residency with City of Light Gallery in Seattle, WA.

Available Works

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