Artist Bio

Estudios /Studies

Instituto Superior de Arte. La Habana/Art Higher Institute
2000 – Drawing Course / place / Taller de Manero
2001- Photography Course / place / Facultad de periodismo y comunicación
1999- Ceramic Course /place / Casa de Cultura del Vedado/
2008- Instituto Superior de Arte. La Habana/Art Higher Institute

Workshop in Art / Restoration of Art

2009- Workshop in Japanese painting art /place / Instituto Superior de Artes

2009- Workshop restoration in metal art work metal/ place / CENCREM

2010- Workshop restoration in art paper works /CENCREM

2010- Workshop restoration in art Stone Works/ sculpture/ place CENCREM/

2010- Workshop in marble sculpture / place/ Institute Superior de Artes /ISA


2002- Poesía Visual / Centro Cultural de España/ Ciudad Habana / Cuba
2004- Historia y Pueblo / Obras referentes a la historia del pueblo judío/ Serie de Dibujos/ Comunidad Hebrea de Cuba/ Ciudad Habana/ Cuba
2006/ Secreto de un verbo / galería Teodoro Ramos
2007 / Stay / Sinagoga Bet Shalom/Centro hebreo Bet Shalom/ Ciudad Habana/ Cuba
2010- Mono de noche/ Galería del cine Yara / Proyecto realizado dentro del marco del festival de cine de la Habana/ Cuba
2011 / Push and Bumm / Patronato de la Comunidad hebrea de Cuba
2012 / REVERSIBLE / 11 Bienal de la Habana
2012 / Built the toy / Centro cultural cinematográfico ICAIC

Others Works in art

Works in Design for movies and concerts / film, video and concert / Music group Free Hole Negro.

Concept Art Work

Aviva is young artist graduate from Institute Superior of Art (ISA) in Habana, Cuba. Her art has travel several techniques, the most recently art work was dedicate to the painting since three years ago.
Using pictures as fragment to the past, she collect images in old news from different mass media, then mixing them, as a painting collage, for create a new critical massage about social stereotype most of the time build it by publicity and the market.
She is just playing with the same information that used the global consumerism. And construct a different kind of message, where the art and the viewer are part

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