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Alehk Rod


Alehk Rod (1993, Madrid, Spain) is an artist whose work re-interpretes the possibilities of the gaze. Having a reduced visual range due to a physical condition, Alehk constantly deconstructs and constructs everything she sees in her mind, interpreting her surroundings in a very particular way. It is in this daily visual process where the inspiration that has defined the line of her work and pictorial style from the beginning arises, as an ironic exercise to her own visual condition. 

Alehk's visual language starts from the deconstruction of the image and the combination of geometries with a palette of vivid colors that, through multiple layers, raise levels of depth through flatness, and the lack of sharpness through the opaque. Her work evokes the limitations of spatial perception and the reinterpretation of reality through kaleidoscopic visions. Alehk's work has matured into a characteristic style that is in constant evolution and always stays true to its essence.

Available Works

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